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Code 37 S2

Hannah Maes is a stubborn, enthusiastic detective, who at thirty years of age is already quite high on the career ladder. She seems destined for a leadership position with the Federal Police, but remarkably requests a transfer to the Ghent Vice Squad.

She is leading a traditional, male team consisting of old school cop Charles, macho Bob and young IT specialist Kevin. The young female Chief Inspector succeeds in gaining respect in this male bastion.


It quickly becomes apparent that Hannah's choice of the Ghent Vice Squad wasn't a coincidence. She is on a personal vendetta to overcome some traumas from her past. Her motto is: "There is no such thing as a cold case. Some cops simply stop looking too soon.”

  • Awards: Flemish television star for best drama series Night of the Flemish Television Stars, 24 March 2012

tv drama: 13x 50’ (2011-VTM)
directors: Jakob Verbruggen, Tim Mielants, Jan Matthys
production company: Menuet
Red One with Cooke S4

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