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Cordon 1

Cordon is a 2014 Belgian Flemish-language drama series in 10 parts. It was first broadcast on vtm. The series was written by Carl Joos, directed by Tim Mielants and produced by Eyeworks. The series was also broadcast in the UK on BBC Four from 28 June to 25 July 2015, in five 2-part installments. On 8 May 2015 Eyeworks, the company that produced the Flemish series, announced that a US-version will be broadcast on American network The CW.[2] The series, retitled Containment, is set in the US city of Atlanta and will be produced by Julie Plec and directed by David Nutter.[3]

Everyday life in the centre of Antwerp comes to a sudden standstill when the area is hermetically sealed off from the outside world. The cause is a contagious and deadly virus which spreads like wildfire. The citizens of the city are suddenly left to their own devices. It brings out the very best in them, but also the worst…

tv drama: 10x 50’ (2014-VTM)
director: Tim Mielants
production company: Eyeworks Film & Drama
Arri Alexa with Leica Summilux-c

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