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Code 37 S3

In the third season of Code 37, Hannah Maes and her team are assigned a new boss: Greet Adriaans. A superintendent who stands her ground and is particularly assertive. Her new approach clashes with Hannah, her colleagues, everything and everyone from day one...

Meanwhile, Hannah continues her private investigation into her mother's rape. She seems successful. Hannah tracks down the perpetrators and settles the score. She pays a very high price for her 'success' when a horrible secret from her father's past is revealed. All family ties that remained unravel.

Just at that moment, the principal of the rapists deals another blow. Hannah's life is in danger. She is completely isolated in her private life and hunted like an animal in her professional life.

However alone and lonely she is, after years of searching, she finally comes eye to eye with her nemesis. This forces her into an ultimate and irreversible choice: arrest the perpetrator and put him on trial - or take the law into her own hands and personally execute her revenge?

tv drama: 11x 50’ (2012-VTM)
directors: Jakob Verbruggen, Tim Mielants
production company: Menuet
Arri Alexa with Masterprimes

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