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Deadline 14/10

Antwerp, eight weeks prior to the City Council elections of 14 October 2012. The election battle between progressive mayor Peter Van Laer (Koen De Graeve) and the conservative opposition leader Bert Coenen (Peter Van Den Begin) is in full swing.

Just at that time, the disappearance of 14-year-old Lena holds the city in thrall. It is not the first time that the girl ran away from home and therefore the police sees no reason for immediate concern. However, her mother feels that this time is different. She approaches the editors of the local newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen, asking to publish Lena's picture.

Marianne Smidt (Charlotte Vandermeersch), a freshman with the paper, is put in charge of the case file. Candy for a baby - no one takes Lena's disappearance seriously. However, Marianne doggedly retrieves the truth and finds out that the disappearance is linked to the political world...

tv drama: 8x 50’ (2013-VTM)
director: Maarten Moerkerke
production company: Menuet
Arri Alexa with master primes

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