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Missings Persons Unit  is an original Eyeworks-series. It is an exciting serial about the Missing Persons Unit, a special police unit within the Federal Police. It’s procedural drama. The members of the team have just one goal: to find missing persons, dead or alive, to give an outcome to the relatives of the missing person. The mentor of the Unit is Walter Sibelius, an experienced and dedicated policeman, who lives for his work. Walter’s team consists of Tine Peeters, his right-hand woman and expert in the field, Steve Van Hamel, the playboy of the gang, Emily Lacroix, the youngest of the group and Nick Bulens, an experienced detective but not really a team player. The team members always operate in twos, but there are no fixed pairings. They never give up, because every missing person can be found.

tv drama: 10x 50’ (2012-2015 Vier)
: Joël Vanhoebrouck, Hans Herbots, Jan Verheyen
production company: Eyeworks Film & Drama
Arri Alexa with Master primes

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